My Future in Social Media

I always enjoy a good 5 years forward question and this one is no exception: “How do you envision yourself using social media 5 years from today?”. I definitely expect my use of social media to be different in 5 years because it is already different than it was one or two years ago. Let’s do a quick timeline.

2011: I am introduced to Facebook, think it is just the best thing ever and am constantly posting stupid pictures with my friends, statuses about what we are doing and playing tons of old Facebook games. Also, do you remember when Facebook had that really annoying “poke” feature and your friends would just “poke” you all day long? 

2012: I create my first Instagram account. Again, I am posting really random pictures of my nails, some “artsy” sunsets, vacation pictures. I am using no common sense when it comes to how often I post, what I post or when I post it. It was basically a free for all and I did not really understand the app or the future of what it would become. 

2012/2013?: Somewhere around this time, I create my Snapchat account. I would say my Snapchat usage has remained almost the same. I still use it to communicate with my friends and do not really see it as something I will use to further my career in any way. While I now understand the capabilities Snapchat has as a business tool, due to the newer capabilities of Snapchat stories and such, I do not think this will apply in my personal life goals unless I decide to build my own brand or company. Instead, I assume, if anything, I will be posting on behalf of someone else’s business or brand. 

2018: While I cannot say that my social media has evolved into anything that profound, it is a little cleaner. I have deleted all of the nonsense about my friends and I eating popcorn while watching Pretty Little Liars and all of the other statuses that no one cares to know. I also use social media a bit more sparingly; only posting if I have a really good picture to share or something interesting about my life. I have also added to the number of accounts I have. Now I also utilize Vsco, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I imagine that in the future this number will continue to increase, and older accounts may become obsolete. 

I hope that in the future I am using social media as part of my career. I have really enjoyed the topics we discussed in this class, a lot more than I have enjoyed my other marketing classes, and I think that I would enjoy a career in social media marketing. I also hope that we do not see consumers giving up on social media because companies have completely taken over the landscape with advertisements; blocking out what drew us to social media in the first place: communication with our friends and family. This is why brands need to use social media sparingly and not overwhelm the consumer. While I understand that it is much harder for customers to see the marketing of the brand if they are only relying on consumers to see their content when they follow their account, I almost feel like pop up ads and sponsored ads will become too intrusive over time. I guess we will have to see what happens!

Thank you, class and Professor Spencer, for a great summer session experience!


1 thought on “My Future in Social Media”

  1. Hi Leah!

    I really liked how you did a timeline of your experience with social media over the years. I agree mine had a similar path. I know when I first started using social media, it was also kind of a free for all, just posting whatever I wanted. Now, my posts are a little less frequent, and of a higher quality. Thanks for sharing!


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