People Follow People


People follow people. I experience this every day in my social media life. Hardly do I ever follow an account that is mass managed, unless I need information from the company, or I stand behind the cause of the account. Most of the time I would rather be following a single person, who can voice their opinions or information based on their own life experience. A great example of this is fitness accounts. I follow quite a few healthy lifestyle or fitness persons on Instagram because I enjoy seeing their daily workouts or meal preps. Seeing that this one person can make such an epic change in their lifestyle or create such a strong following because of it, is something motivates me.

This motivation brings me to my second point. What are people seeking online? People seek accounts or people with whom they share common interests. Maybe, like myself, they seek to motivate themselves towards improvement or they are seeking comfort in similar experiences. Everyone is different, but social media brings us together based on what we have in common. This is such a special part of social media and my favorite part. While I have my close circle of friends, we all have different interests, and they do not always want to talk about the latest workout I discovered or new makeup brand I am thrilled to test. However, online, I am able to find people who are excited to talk about my outside interests. I think that this only serves to make my in-person experiences stronger because when I am with my friends we are able to focus on the aspects of our lives or interests that we have in common.

As a marketing student and regular social media user, I think there is a lot that companies can learn from their consumer’s social media motives. Since people often want to follow accounts that comfort them or relate to their interests, it could benefit companies to utilize spokespersons, celebrity endorsements, or employees of the company who strongly represent their brand on their accounts. It is the personal experience that consumer or social media users seek, and with the boom of technology that is occurring it is important companies remember the root of social media. To be smart in the way they spend their social media budget and their time when it comes to posts.

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