My Day-To-Day Digital Life

In the morning, I wake up and check my snapchats. This happens before I even roll over to put on my glasses or turn on the light. This has to be some indication of social media addiction (haha). After I respond to my friends and check for any stories that I missed overnight, I begin to check my other social media accounts. Usually, I check them in this order: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and then Vsco.

Now, I want to briefly discuss how I use each platform.

Snapchat: my main form of communication. This app allows me to easily stay in touch with all of my friends, even though many of them live out of state, and update them on what is happening in my own life. I will usually post between five to six stories a week and I send at least 50 snapchats each day.

Instagram: I have three accounts. My real account- which I use to post pictures of my life, my friends or places that I travel. My joke account (“finsta”)- which I only allow a select group of people to follow and which I use to post stories or photos of the funny or strange things that occur in my life. Lastly, my Calligraphy account- where I post videos of myself practicing different fonts or pictures of recent art that I have created.

Facebook: Here is where I store albums full of pictures I wish to remember later. In terms of my day to day usage, I enjoy the app for news, cooking videos or vines.

Twitter: I also utilize this app for news. I trust Twitter more than Facebook for news because I follow a lot of public figures and I know that the information that I view is coming straight from something that they have said or asked someone post on their behalf.

Vsco: This app is a lot like Instagram, but almost artsier. I will republish travel photos, idealistic images, cute animal images and post photos of my own. The way I would describe Vsco in comparison to Instagram is: Vsco is what users wish they were doing while Instagram is what they are actually doing.

Overall, I would say I benefit from these apps and enjoy their presence in my life. However, I am also aware of the immense amount of time I waste in the pursuit of staying relevant to news topics or what my friends and followers are doing. A few of my friends have given up their social media for brief amounts of time and admitted to liking their “unplugged life” because it gave them more free time, but also to feeling anxious and out of the loop. There is always going to be a good and a bad to social media. I try to find a balance.

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3 thoughts on “My Day-To-Day Digital Life”

  1. Leah,
    We have a lot in common with our digital lives, and I think it’s true for most of the people our age that as soon as we wake up, we are connected into the digital world. You bring up a good point about how even though we enjoy social media, it has some negatives like wasting a lot of time.


  2. Hi Leah! Snapchat is probably my most used platform, too! Two of my friends go to Villanova, so we Snapchat all the time to stay in touch. I like VSCO, too, but I don’t check it often. I mostly use it to post my content, not to view others people’s content. I like how you mentioned that social media can be both positive and negative. It’s definitely something we use by means of enjoyment, but, like everything else in life, it does have its negatives.


  3. I feel as though my digital life is very similar to yours! Just like you, I always check my social media the minute I wake up. Similarly, I also use Snapchat as my main form of communication and I generally only use Facebook to store my pictures and to watch videos. I think it is really cool that you have an Instagram account dedicated to Calligraphy! That sounds really interesting!


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